FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH – neues Video veröffentlicht

Five Finger Death Punch veröffentlichen heute ihr mit Spannung erwartetes neuntes Studioalbum “AFTERLIFE“ über Better Noise Music. Der Titeltrack schoss auf Platz 1 der US Rock Radio Charts und schaffte es in Deutschland in die Top 5. Ihre neue Single „Times Like These” klettert aktuell in den Charts nach oben. Das offizielle Musikvideo zum Song wurde ebenfalls heute veröffentlicht: Five Finger Death Punch – Times Like These (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Gitarrist Zoltan Bathory kommentiert: ‘Afterlife’ is my favorite Five Finger Death Punch record to date and it was also the most fun to make. If the previous album “F8″ was dubbed as the “rebirth“ of the band, then this one is our “transcendence” for sure.  One of the most difficult achievements for a traditional „drums-guitars-bass-vocals“ rock band is to establish a recognizable signature sound. The second most difficult thing is to keep evolving while holding on to that signature sound. I believe for us, AfterLife isn’t just an evolution but possibly even a paradigm shift in our career, because this record is so vastly different from all the previous ones, yet it still unmistakably sounds like us. Very proud of this one and can’t wait to share it, our fans are in for a few surprises.”