FOUR STROKE BARON share new single and music video

FOUR STROKE BARON has today shared a new single and accompanying music video, Cyborg Pt. 3 (Because I’m God), from their upcoming fourth album, Data Diamond, set for release via Prosthetic Records on May 31. The Reno, NV progressive metal duo’s latest single serves as the third instalment in their Cyborg trilogy, following the success of Cyborg Pt. 2: The City from 2018 album Planet Silver Screen. The music video for Cyborg Pt. 3 (Because I’m God) is the second part of Data Diamond’s planned four part visual narrative, which promises to unravel FOUR STROKE BARON’s bloodthirsty anthology series.


Speaking on the single, FOUR STROKE BARON comments: „Cyborg Pt. 3 opens up some of the insanity in Data Diamond, the singles are going to get progressively crazier. The song leaves off from Cyborg Pt. II from our album Planet Silver Screen, with some motifs that we’ve inserted into each song of the series. Our moms really like this song.”

Of the music video, the band adds: „William and his business partner Robert unwittingly unleash a nightmare beyond comprehension. As William grapples with haunting nightmares, his sanity begins to unravel, revealing the sinister truth behind the otherworldly object. When Robert decides to harness the egg’s mysterious powers, they soon realize the horrifying consequences of meddling with forces beyond their control, plunging them into a nightmarish descent into madness and terror.“