Full of Hell release new video Fractured Bonds to Mecca

American grindcore outfit Full of Hell proudly present their new album Coagulated Bliss, which is out now via Closed Casket Activities. In celebration, the band have released a brand new music video for the track ‚Fractured Bonds to Mecca‘.

Full of Hell – Fractured Bonds to Mecca (Official Video) (youtube.com)

The video’s concept was co-written by Full of Hell multi-instrumentalist Sam DiGristine who says the video is „...about an endless cycle of struggle, trying to find your way in a familiar place yet still feeling lost. Alienated by your loved ones and giving it all for a chance at salvation. Inspired by films such as ‚The Incredible Melting Man,‘ ‚The Holy Mountain‘ and ‚Altered States.‘ The journey never ends. The cycle continues.

Dylan Walker continues, “This song is about a genetic curse. Having to live through inherited flaws and bearing witness to your own familial destruction. Lyrically, it’s very inspired by Thee Silver Mt. Zion at their darkest and most honest moments, speaking about our own inhumanity