Funeral doom masters Isenordal return with Requiem For Eirênê

ISENORDAL’s new album Requiem for Eirênê“ is finally here. The bands haunting funeral doom doesn’t fit into any stylistic box, but rather dances across gloomy atmospheres and stormy riffs. Abrasive metal counterbalances with American neofolk in an album that is wholly unforgettable.

Experience their lead single „Epiphanies of Abhorrence and Futility“ and pre-order their new album here: Isenordal – Requiem for Eirênê (

Although the Americans wander musically more often on the dark side, there are also brighter moments woven into the fabric of „Requiem for Eirênê“. This is also reflected in the lyrics. Each song reveals a chapter of an overarching conceptual story that spans the whole of the album. The tale was conceived by drummer Brian Spenser and reflects personal experience that has been transformed into a profound mythological world, which is musically illustrated by ISENORDAL. In its course, the band is drawing from ancient myth, occultism, astrology, and the tarot among other symbolic systems to express a spiritual journey involving love, loss, grief in all its stages, hope, disappointment, exploitation, spiritual revelation, surrender, and finally, apotheosis.