German Death Metal veterans FALL OF SERENITY reveal new single Chaos Reign

Chaos Reign is the 4th and final pre-album single  from the band’s forthcoming new album Open Wide, O Hell, which is set to be released in two weeks on March 22nd: FALL OF SERENITY – Choas Reign (official video) – YouTube

Good things come to those who wait. FALL OF SERENITY are back with a new album ten years after their reunion. Their split lasted from 2009 to 2012. For the last five-four, the quintet has been preparing the release of „Open Wide, O Hell“. Were the musicians inspired by their former bassist Linus Klausenitzer (ALKALOID, OBSIDIOUS, OBSCURA/FALL OF SERENITY 2008-2009), who released his solo debut „Tulpa“ in the fall of 2023? Maybe!

„Open Wide, O Hell“ is also variably written and comes up with a good dose of surprises. The basis of the album still lies in melodic death metal, which is associated with the East German band founded in 1998. But a black metal impact is also to be attributed to the new song material and changes the musical face decisively. Besides, impressive melodies continue to lead FALL OF SERENITY through their songs. Quite a few of the tracks are true headbangers.

This has been the case since the times of the unforgotten, legendary split with HEAVEN SHALL BURN from 1999. The band around frontman John Gahlert enjoys cult status in the European melo-death underground.

With the new record, the musicians continue where they left off in 2009. „Open Wide, O Hell“ – after „Bloodred Salvation“ (2006) and „The Crossfire“ (2007) the third album of the group for LIFEFORCE RECORDS – convinces with raw aggression and threatening darkness. FALL OF SERENITY succeeds not only to meet expectations surrounding their comeback, but to exceed them!