German metalcore band Defocus celebrate album release with new single

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German metalcore quartet Defocus have launched their electrifying new album, there is a place for me on earth, out everywhere via Arising Empire.

Coinciding with the album release, Defocus have unveiled an epic music video for ‚don’t let it hurt me‘, bringing an intense visual dimension to their sonic narrative. This single, coupled with the visually striking video, has amplified the anticipation and enthusiasm of their fanbase, reinforcing Defocus’s role as innovators in the metalcore domain.

DEFOCUS – don’t let it hurt me (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (

Preceded by the gripping singles ‚biased‘, ‚let the bond be my grave‘, and ‚crooked mind‘, as well as the vibrant ‚flatlines‘, Defocus’s new album highlights the band’s growth and innovation within the metalcore scene, offering a profound exploration of their raw energy and creative prowess.