.GIFFROMGOD announce new EP Digital Red

Richmond, VA grind outfit .GIFFROMGOD have emerged from the hive with their first set of new material since their 2019 full-length, approximation_of_a_human. Titled Digital Red, .GIFFROMGOD’s latest EP is a ponderance on the group’s fragmented nightmares, anxious days and nausea toward waking life: DIGITAL RED (lnk.to)

Speaking on the EP announcement, the band comments: “Digital Red is anxious music written during a particularly anxious period of time.”

.GIFFROMGOD’s ever evolving sonic palette and disparate influences sees the band incorporating further electronic elements in the form of acid and noise, offering a glance into what’s in store for the band’s next chapter. Tracks such as the cow’s meow and dream futures bristle with nervous energy and discordant freneticism, complimenting Digital Red’s overarching themes of dread, whilst also giving way to counterpoint passages of reprieve and serenity.