GNAW THEIR TONGUES stream The Cessation of Suffering

Sonic extremists Gnaw Their Tongues stream the entirety of their highly anticipated 10th album, The Cessation of Suffering, at heavily trafficked web-portal Set for international release on November 24th via Consouling Sounds, hear Gnaw Their TonguesThe Cessation of Suffering in its entirety exclusively here: Gnaw Their Tongues – ‚The Cessation of Suffering‘ (premiere) (

Gnaw Their Tongues has been creating humanity-hating experimental music since 2004. But one creative guise of insanely prolific madman Mories, Gnaw Their Tongues has become the man’s most renown vehicle of expressing, spanning a nightmarishly vast swathe of styles as well as releases; even more uniquely, Mories has expanded this vehicle beyond the studio and has played live shows across the world. Although he „just“ has 10 full-lengths under the moniker, Gnaw Their Tongues has nearly three times as many shorter-length releases in its discography as well as a handful of compilations – and it shows no sign of slowing down nor comprising with its latest album, The Cessation of Suffering.

At one time, combining black metal, industrial music, noise, and experimental music was quite shocking. While some have tried to follow in Gnaw Their Tongues‚ ever-looming shadow, there’s nothing quite like the original, and Mories proves his potency yet again with The Cessation of Suffering. Uneasy, vile, grotesque, and hate-filled: these are firm tenets of this soundworld. The last few Gnaw Their   Tongues have shifted that sound noisier and more experimental and electronic landscapes, and The Cessation of Suffering sees Mories running wild within this horrific headspace. Thematically, Gnaw Their Tongues has always dealt with the darkest sides on human behavior and humanities‘ darkest excesses; this uneasy / vile / grotesque / hate-filled sound is an expression rather than glorification. The Cessation of Suffering follows a break of three years, and suitably manifests as Gnaw Their Tongues‚ bleakest album ever. Sounds bent, break, and then break further from nearly every direction; genres are chopped and screwed and then spit out from a black-hole vacuum that’s more musique concrete rather than „music.“ More specifically, LP #10 strips away anything remotely „enjoyable“ or indeed „musical to be left with a hollow shell of sensation, concentrating solely on horrible sounds and frequencies which mirror the horrible state of the world and inner turmoil.

There’s truly only one Gnaw Their Tongues, and The Cessation of Suffering punctuates the fact like an enormous door slamming in the depths of Hell.