GRANITADER set release date for debut

Purity Through Fire announces March 21st as the international release date for Granitader’s highly anticipated debut album, Der Wald zwischen den Welten, on digipack CD format.

Granitader – Heimat (Official Music Video) – YouTube

One of the most fully formed black metal entities of recent times, Granitader burst into brilliance with their debut full-length, Der Wald zwischen den Welten. After but an EP last year, the German quintet’s first full-length displays a masterful grasp of songwriting and dynamics as well as confidence and charisma to spare. Granitader are old souls who exude the effervescence of the new; their continually cresting surge recalls pagan touchstones like Windir, Falkenbach, or Germany’s Horn closer to home, as well as Drudkh’s more cinematic moments. However, the wind beneath the wings of Der Wald zwischen den Welten is the album’s overarching theme: a homage to their – as well as Purity Through Fire’s – home area of Erzgebirge, the Ore Mountains that are an UNESCO world heritage site, as well as older German history. Truly, it all comes together as one breathtaking blast of classically austere German black metal, but poignantly brimming with a heroic, almost-positive aspect that’s simply impossible to deny. The spiraling lead-work is categorically sublime, and helps elevate Granitader to the top of today’s pagan black metal pack. Completing this complete package is the professional & powerful production, encasing their bravado in a sheen wholly befitting of its majesty. Let Granitader guide you through Der Wald zwischen den Welten!