GREENLEAF release mockumentary video Different Horses from upcoming album

Swedish heavy rockers GREENLEAF release a quite unusual video in a tongue-in-cheek style mockumentary for the track ‚Different Horses‘ as the final single from their forthcoming full-length „The Head & The Habit“, which is chalked up for release on June 21, 2024 via Magnetic Eye Records

Greenleaf – Different Horses [Official Music Video] (

GREENLEAF have previously announced the „Habit of the Tundra Tour“ with SLOMOSA and support from PSYCHLONA in Europe for autumn 2024

 „With ‚Different Horses‘, I am trying to paint a metaphorical picture of impending troubles represented by ‚hell’s horses‘ in the lyrics“, vocalist Arvid Hällagård reveals. „The act of analyzing and taking a test only leads to confusion and paralysis, highlighting the challenge of understanding internal changes and doubts. A sickness growing inside the body and your mind’s way to handle it. You need a reset but it’s hard knowing what is on your doorstep. This song is inspired by actual events that were close to me.“