HALIPHRON – debut album details

Dutch band HALIPHRON was formed in 2021 with ex and active members of Izegrim, God Dethroned and Bleeding Gods. Such exquisite melting pot of musicians have known each other for many years, played and toured together, and built up a solid friendship with the same passion and dedication. The main musical concept was to create a bombastic and powerful extreme metal sound not frequent in the band’s native country. ‘Prey ’admittedly is a very strong , dark and epic, qualitative debut album: HALIPHRON ‚Prey‘ Teaser – YouTube

The band comments on the album concept: “ ‘Prey‘ is all about being a hunter – or from another perspective – the one that is being hunted. You can either be the prey, or be the one that is on the search for their next victim / prey. Our artwork is inspired on a mythological creature from the darkest depths of the ocean