HEAVY TEMPLE reveal second video single Hiraeth

Psychedelic doom fast-risers HEAVY TEMPLE release the video single ‚Hiraeth‘ as the second track from their forthcoming sophomore full-length „Garden of Heathens“, which is scheduled for release on April 12.

The video ‚Hiraeth‘, which takes its title from a Welsh (Cymraeg) word that means something along the lines of „longing homesickness“ and may be used similar to the Portuguese term ‚fado‘, is now available: Heavy Temple – Hiraeth [Official Music Video] – YouTube

HEAVY TEMPLE comment: „The Celtic word ‚Hiraeth‘ is considered to be intranslatable but has come to mean ‚a homesickness for a place that you can never return to or that never was‘ in English“, singer and bass player High Priestess Nighthawk explains. „I started writing these lyrics about a deep-seated imposter syndrome. Now I think that the song is also about feeling small. When you are not only struggling to prevent yourself from disappearing, but trying hard to regain who you are: ‚How can I love anyone when I don’t even like myself?‘.“