Hexvessel’s new single A Cabin In Montana is an explosive love letter to nature

A Cabin In Montana, the glacial third single from Hexvessel’s Polar Veil album, is a paean to radical environmental advocacy and unflinching nature worship. Speaking to a “deeper sense of belonging” in the wilderness, A Cabin In Montana draws from the eternal well of early nocturnal Black Metal, combined with hypnotic ritual chants and hypnotic synths and Hexvessel’s timeless themes of nature mysticism.

Main man Kvohst explains “You should all open this symbolic letter from a cabin in Montana. Step outside and get a deeper sense of meaning. Only then will life begin anew”.

Watch the new video, suitably cobbled together from vintage footage taken from Canadian adventurer, Tommy Tompkins’ wildlife films of the 1970s: Hexvessel: A Cabin In Montana (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Finland’s Hexvessel return with their sixth album, Polar Veil, a cold, metallic hymn to the Sub Arctic North. Haunted by primal forest spirits, Mat “Kvohst” McNerney summons the ghosts of his past in a jaw-dropping, unheard-of rebirth of style and sound. At once unmistakably Hexvessel, Polar Veil is also steeped in the nocturnal atmosphere of McNerney’s past, churned in the cauldron of Black Metal, Ritual Folk Psychedelia and Doom Rock, and echoing with shivering Gothic undertones.