HIGH DESERT QUEEN drop new lyric video Death Perception

HIGH DESERT QUEEN drop the cinematic lyric video ‚Death Perception‘ with guest vocalist Emma Näslund from GAUPA. This is also the final  single track to be taken from the forthcoming Texas desert rockers‘ second album „Palm Reader“, which is slated for release on May 31.

High Desert Queen – Death Perception [Official Lyric Video] (youtube.com)

HIGH DESERT QUEEN comment: „It was pretty crazy how ‚Death Perception‘ came to life“, vocalist Ryan Garney writes. „This is one of three tracks that were incarnated during our first night in the studio when we were just jamming trying to get levels. Within a few hours, we had the song written and recorded. Rusty threw in a riff, he actually came up with on the fly during the last time that we were in the studio to record our first album. He had not played it since. After we had all the music recorded and I sat down to write lyrics, I immediately thought about how amazing Emma Näslund from Gaupa would sound on this song. She and I had talked about the possibility of her adding vocals to our record when we crossed paths a few times last year on tour in Europe. We also feel that her vocals are just too strong to be in the background and that she should be the main singer on her track. I enjoyed collaborating with her on melodies and lyrics, and I am extremely happy with the result. She us such an amazing person and vocalist, and I hope to work with her again in the future!“