HIGH DESERT QUEEN release first single and details of new album

Texas desert rockers HIGH DESERT QUEEN release the video clip ‚Ancient Aliens‘ as the first heavy single taken from their forthcoming sophomore full-length „Palm Reader“, which has been slated for release on May 31. ‚Ancient Aliens‘ is a tongue-in-cheek video take on John Carpenter’s cult movie „They Live“ that illustrates the difficulties for musicians in dealing with shifty managers: High Desert Queen – Ancient Aliens [Official Music Video] (youtube.com)

HIGH DESERT QUEEN comment: „Our first new single ‚Ancient Aliens‘ was also the first song that we recorded for the new album“, guitarist Rusty Miller explains. „When we just returned home from our 2023 summer tour, we were all still a little beat up and road worn. At the same time, we were completely fired up to be in the studio. Playing shows every night for six weeks gave us exactly what we needed for the new album. Our engineer Casey Johns did a great job capturing the raw energy and dynamics of our band with this song. We recorded it live without a click track and no overdubs to make it sound just how we play it live on stage.“

HIGH DESERT QUEEN’s sophomore full-length „Palm Reader“ is bursting with raw energy and radiates the feeling of 666 diesel horses thundering loud. The album is crammed with cool vibes, ripping leads, and a ton of desert fuzz with a focus on great songs rather than trying to stay confined within a corral of a particular style.

This untamed attitude took its creative high energy source straight from touring. When the band from Texas returned home after six weeks travelling the roads of Europe with the legendary FATSO JETSON and watching them improvising jams every night, they had also taken notes. Although a bit worn from the road, HIGH DESERT QUEEN could hardly wait to start recording. Not focusing overly on how parts were played, allowing themselves imperfections, and ditching the click, the music started to flow like never before. In the very first studio session after the tour, three new songs emerged.

Working within a live framework and mindset, the band from Austin, Texas hit the jackpot and „Palm Reader“ bears witness to that claim. In more than one way, HIGH DESERT QUEEN have always been a bit different and much more than ‚another desert rock band‘. Formed in Houston, Texas by singer Ryan Garney and guitarist Rusty Miller in 2019, the duo soon recruited drummer Phil Hook (MONTE LUNA) and relocated to Austin in 2020.

With the addition of Rusty’s daughter Morgan on bass, the band hit the ground running. The lone star shone bright when these four got together as desert rock had already endured a long rather dry spell of stagnation and was parched for an injection of fresh sounds.

HIGH DESERT QUEEN had what it takes to kick the scene into gear again. Their vast musical influences ranging from grunge to funk, old school metal to doom and much more provide an ideal foundation for new ideas and a rejuvenating approach to the genre. Their thunderous, fuzz-drenched anthems are delivered with a healthy dose of groove and catchy melodies, and get a massive boost from an emotional intelligence in their music that’s hard to find. The newly-minted sound is linked to the rich heritage of their musical environment, inspiring the style tag ‚Texas desert rock‘.

Hard work and their obviously burgeoning talent resulted in an fast rise for HIGH DESERT QUEEN, beginning with their first record deal arriving thanks in part to their being hand-picked by ZAKK SABBATH’s Rob Blasko. Their debut full-length „Secrets of the Black Moon“ arrived in 2021 and was immediately heaped with praise in the US and Europe, which kicked the doors open to touring and invitations to prestigious festivals both domestic and abroad.  In March 2022, the Texans embarked on their first tour in support of SASQUATCH on the US West Coast. Only two months later, HIGH DESERT QUEEN hit the roads of Europe as a headliner in June 2022, with a return to the other side of the Atlantic with FATSO JETSON in 2023. Underlining the fast rise of this live monster, the newcomers were booked for Desertfest London (UK) and Berlin (DE) and the Truckfighters‘ Fuzz Festival (SE) among many others.

Answering the exponentially multiplying requests for new material from their steadily growing following, HIGH DESERT QUEEN flanked their live activities with the „Turned to Stone Ch. 8“ split release with BLUE HERON, and contributed a track to „Best of Soundgarden Redux“, the latest instalment of the bestselling Magnetic Eye Records Redux series.

With „Palm Reader“, HIGH DESERT QUEEN have made a quantum leap in their evolution as the Texans found the perfect balance between the well-loved legacy of the desert rock genre and carving out their very own path. Fuelled by the power and spirit of live music, this album rocks as hard and honest as can be done.