HIGH PRIEST release video single and details of new album Invocation

Chicago stoner doom aficionados HIGH PRIEST have released the psychedelic video ‚Divinity‘ as the first single taken from their forthcoming debut album „Invocation“. The full-length is scheduled for release on June 23, 2023.

High Priest – Divinity [Official Music Video] – YouTube

High Priest comment on the album: „This record was a long long time coming“, guitarist John Regan writes about „Invocation“. „On top of the craziness in the world the last two years, we experienced a lot of changes as a band:  PHDs, new businesses, new homes, new cities. Despite all that, we brought all our energy into an album that feels like the best and most complete work we’ve ever done. ‚Invocation‘ feels like catharsis inside chaos.“

John Regan discusses the lead single ‚Divinity‘: „We had eight songs written and decided to do one more push to see what we could come up with“, the guitarist states. „I started playing some iPhone riff demos and when Dan heard ‚Divinity‘, he said, ‚that one is a banger‘. We started working with it and the full song pretty much came together in one day. It’s probably the most energetic song on the record, and we feel like it gives every piece a moment in the sun: huge drum fills, harmonized guitar solos, and a vocal hook. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to get in your car and drive down an open road, only your car is a spaceship and the road is the galaxy.“