HOLA GHOST’s classic EPs compiled on a 12-inch vinylby Svart Records

Hola Ghost is probably the only band in the world that combines rock, Mexican folklore, country, flamenco, disco, surf, goth, punk, spaghetti western soundtrack music, pop and psychobilly, in their own unique blend. With their mariachi death surf, they have attracted a growing cult following around the world since their haunting debut. The band appears with painted skull masks, sombreros and mariachi styled gear. Hola Ghost is an explosive cocktail musically and visually, combining everything you love. Don’t miss this dark extravaganza bonanza mariachi death surf experience!

Hola Ghost started out as a duo in 2007 when making the soundtrack for the American horror comedy movie Cannibal Flesh Riot! by Academy Award winner Gris Grimly. The band was formed by Peter Sandorff (ex-Nekromantix) on vocals and guitar and Jeppe B. Jessen on bass, with the haunted drum machine Ghost 707. Drummer Kristian Sandorff (ex-Nekromantix) later took over drum duties skillfully replacing the machine’s haunted beats. The band have since added a horn section “The Haunted Horns” to the live and recording crew. The band is a reputable live band that has toured around the world playing venues and festivals of all genres. You simply can’t label this band in one genre.

Hola Ghost have released two albums with a new one in the making, contributed to several compilations, released singles and the two EP’s Chupacabra (2014) and Hate & Fight (2018). On this new vinyl release these two EPs are compiled in one album, with two bonus tracks, a rare single B-side, and a brand-new song Iron Reich.

Chupacabra, Hate & Fight is available via Svart Records on three different exclusive vinyl editions: magenta, solid magenta/black splatter and classic black – and all this will be packaged with printed inner sleeve containing lyrics and a collage of rare and previously unreleased photos. There’ll be also a limited CD edition of this fantastic compilation album. The album’s release date is August 23, 2024.