HOUR OF PENANCE premieres new single & video

Italy’s brutal tech-death ensemble HOUR OF PENANCE premieres the first single & opening track „Devotion for Tyranny“, from its forthcoming album „Devotion“, which is set for release on April 5th via Agonia Records. The single is available in the form of a music video, at this address: HOUR OF PENANCE – Devotion for Tyranny (Official Music Video) (youtube.com)

„We chose ‚Devotion for Tyranny‘ as the first single because it’s probably the most straightforward and uncompromising song on the album, and it perfectly represents the main themes of the album,“ HOUR OF PENANCE posits. „This animated video is heavily inspired by the mysterious atmospheres of Soulslike games and the hooded man represents the revolutionary vanguard that overthrows the established order based on wealth and oppression, that has left the Earth a barren and sterile land for a deformed and enslaved humanity to live in. The visual references to the elements of the alchemical process are a metaphor for the transformative power of the human will. It’s a dystopic vision of a not-so-distant future and a warning.“