HOUSE OF ATREUS stream new mini-album

On February 2nd internationally, Iron Bonehead Productions will release a brand-new mini-album from House of Atreus, Orations, on CD and 12″ vinyl formats. And today, the Death Metal Promotion YouTube channel streams the mini-album in its entirety: House of Atreus (Usa) – Orations (EP 2023) – YouTube

Since their emergence in 2011, House of Atreus have become one of the most singular hordes to hail from North American soil during that time. Across a demo, an EP, and two successive full-lengths, the Minnesota natives have patiently and painstakingly crafted death metal of a most epic order. A veritable riff-machine, House of Atreus are powered by the Greek tragedies and have that very same tragedy (as well as triumph) coursing through their rough ’n‘ rugged veins. Theirs is a sound unapologetically influenced by the ancient Hellenic legends Varathron and Rotting Christ as well as other singular riff-machines like Grand Belial’s Key and Arghoslent, and the earliest and most blackened works of Running Wild. However, House of Atreus handily transcend these influences, as evidenced by their critically acclaimed second album, From the Madness of Ixion, released in 2018 by Iron Bonehead. Truly, the quartet managed to add to this glorious lineage rather than merely bottom-feed off it.

While the years since have been quiet for the band, metal art such as theirs does not come overnight, nor are they tethered to tired yearly record/tour/repeat hucksterism. Thus do House of Atreus finally emerge with a swift-yet-satisfying mini-album elegantly titled Orations. Something of a strategic detour, the 33-minute Orations comprises five brand-new tracks – each one as regally galloping as the last, concise and expansive in equal measure – and a closing cover of heroes Running Wild and their late ’80s gem „Riding the Storm.“ The „detour“ aspect of the record largely pertains to the further finessing of their trademark songcraft: ever more patient, riffs flowing like molten gold, but a slicker and more seamless aspect emerges that pays off a hundredfold. The latent grit ’n‘ grime still exists, but rather than being an exception to wider „death metal,“ here do House of Atreus assert themselves simply as a masterful HEAVY METAL band – but one that just so happens to have more than a bit of death metalled muscle. Founding bassist Anxietous Nero’s remarkably articulated vocals are again at the fore, but possess more clarity and charisma than ever. Not surprisingly, in just over a half-hour, House of Atreus prove with Orations that they have more (worthy) ideas than most bands can muster across a couple albums or more.