HUNTSMEN share new single and music video In Time, All Things

HUNTSMEN has shared the lead single and music video, titled In Time, All Things, from their upcoming third album, The Dry Land, which is set for release via Prosthetic Records on June 7. In Time, All Things‚ music video was directed by Ryan Luciani (GoodFriend), with the track ushering in The Dry Land’s overarching themes of the liminal space between the living and the dead.


Speaking on the single and music video release, Chris Kang (guitar and vocals) comments: “We chose In Time, All Things as our first single because it is a sanctuary directly at the border between life and death, which is the subject matter of The Dry Land. It’s a place where an exhausted traveler can find respite while looking upon the mirrored realms, reflect upon their beauty, indifference, and desolation, and decide next steps.

„For those who have seen death, the warm light of the living day must share space in the heart with the frigid night of the eternal process. Where once the only direction was forward, now there is also back, where the dead remain, frozen in time. The survivor is pulled between both, their soul the prize in a war as old as existence. We hope to capture the possibility that both the night and day can coexist, balanced, within the still-beating heart.”