IMHA TARIKAT release new lyric video from forthcoming album

IMHA TARIKAT let it rip with their new lyric video clip ‚Streams of Power – Canavar‘, which is also the second single taken from the harsh forthcoming album „Hearts Unchained – At War with a Passionless World“. The new full-length from the German black metal outfit around mastermind Kerem Yilmaz aka Ruhsuz Cellât has been slated for release on December 2:

Imha Tarikat – Streams Of Power – Canavar [Official Lyric Video] – YouTube

IMHA TARIKAT comment: „The new song ‚Canavar‘ is part of my ongoing ‚Streams of Power‘ story, of which there will be at least another song following this chapter with its sub-plot“, Kerem Yilmaz explains. „As it says in the lyrics, ‚I did travel on long paths to reach the end of this darkness. Though the more vileness I (sur-)passed, the more I became the beast I hated… When did it begin?‘. Track down your wrongs and make it right!“