IMHA TARIKAT release non-album single

Only days after announcing their new full-length „Hearts Unchained – At War with a Passionless World“ and releasing a stunning first video single ‚Radical Righteousness‘, IMHA TARIKAT reveal a new lyric video and the track ‚Son of Ultradevotion‘, which the German black metal progenies will perform at Prophecy Fest this week. ‚Son of Ultradevotion‘ is an exclusive digital single that will not be released on the forthcoming album.

Imha Tarikat – Son of Ultradevotion [Official Music Video] – YouTube

IMHA TARIKAT comment: „Our surprise single ‚Son of Ultradevotion‘ deals with bitterness drowning out sorrow beyond recognition“, Kerem Yilmaz explains. „This sorrow runs so deep and is so full of pain that the battle against darkness has already been lost. This stands in opposition to our new songs on the album, which represent triumph through constructive growth as a person. ‚Son of Ultradevotion‘ fails to offer any escape from the voices that whisper solutions like needles stuck into the skin, that twist the stomach, and that break the mind. This is the result of futile decisions. It is a dysfunctional alliance between honesty and the beast. There is no happy end!“