INERTH set release date for new mini-album

On July 5th internationally, Abstract Emotions is proud to present Inerth’s highly anticipated new mini-album, Hybris, on 12″ vinyl format.

INERTH „Midlife Wasteland“ (

Inerth was born in Madrid in early 2019 just after the dissolution of their previous band, the acclaimed grindcore act Looking For An Answer. Formed by veteran musicians with 25 years of touring and recording experience, Inerth’s main idea was to create an amalgam of harsh-but-pondering music designed to reflect a lifelong passion for sounds ranging from death metal to sludge as well as incorporating doomed and industrial soundscapes.

After a self-titled EP debut, Inerth released their debut album, Void, in 2022 through Abstract Emotions, receiving great reviews worldwide and being included on the best albums list at such outlets like Mondo Sonoro, Rock Zone, Aversionline, Ritvual and Metalitalia among others. Taking inspiration from such bands as Godflesh, Napalm Death, Neurosis, Celtic Frost, Amebix, and Killing Joke, on their first full-length did Inerth reclaim the spirit of the 1990s‘ most extreme & transgressive sounds.

With Hybris, Inerth show an evolutionary leap for the band. Unafraid of experimentation and going beyond boundaries, the four new songs here are full of strength and spirit. Inerth are clearly influenced by Godflesh, a band with which they recently toured, but Hybris equally shows their own idiosyncratic style in even-more-powerful form.