INSECT ARK announce album + first song

INSECT ARK, featuring Dana Schechter (SWANS) and Tim Wyskida (KHANATE), release their new album, „Raw Blood Singing„, on June 7. At the outer realms of avant-Metal, psych-Doom, and experimental Goth, INSECT ARK fiercely refuses the trappings of simple genre categorization.

The album was mixed by Colin Marston (KRALLICE, GORGUTS) and mastered by James Plotkin (ISIS, JESU). Colin Marston and Ville Leppilahti (ORANSSI PAZUZU) contribute to the record as guest musicians. Cover photography by Chris Friel and layout design/composites courtesy of Dana Schechter.

01. Birth of a Black Diamond
02. The Frozen Lake
03. Youth Body Swayed
04. Cleaven Hearted
05. The Hands
06. Psychological Jackal
07. Inverted Whirlpool
08. Ascension

Schechter and Wyskida, who deconstructed and re-imagined INSECT ARK in the lead-up to the new album, release a preview of „Raw Blood Singing“ with the arrival of ‚Youth Body Swayed‚. A notable shift for the band is the decision to add Schechter’s vocals to their music, with previous INSECT ARK releases having been instrumental.

Insect Ark – Youth Body Swayed (