INSECT ARK – full album stream

Some days before the official release of their new album „Raw Blood Singing“, Berlin-based duo INSECT ARK unveil the full stream. Over the course of 45 dynamic minutes, Dana Schechter (SWANS) and Tim Wyskida (KHANATE) deliver eight doomy, psychedelic and poignant soundscapes filled with unexpected twists and turns. „Raw Blood Singing“ is a deeply immersive and darkly atmospheric experience.

Insect Ark – Raw Blood Singing (Full album) (

Vocalist and founder Dana Schechter shares insights into the creation of „Raw Blood Singing„: „Writing this album was a new experience – in context for the history of the band, it started out similar to the others: I made elaborate demos by myself, writing and recording bass, lap steel guitar, synthesizers, and electronic drums; I wrote all the arrangements, chord progressions, and melodies. What made this album different was, when Tim Wyskida joined the band, it felt like a new creative chapter was opening as it became obvious that the music would benefit from his ideas, so we decided to see how far we could push the songs. We ended up chopping, rebuilding and rearranging a lot of the material. This process was a huge inspiration for us both and fostered our bond as a creative writing pair. The album concept is based more on our life views than lyrical content; primarily with the idea of impermanence and as humans existing as energy shifting, of retaining a deliberate presence. The actual studio recordings were preceded by my demos, followed by the heavy re-working Tim and I did to refine the material, which included a lot of experimentation. We didn’t rush any part of it, and we worked long days every day in our studio, for about a year.