ISENORDAL announce new album and release first single

ISENORDAL reveal the first single ‚Epiphanies of Abhorrence and Futility‚ taken from the US funeral doom innovators‚ forthcoming new album „Requiem for Eirênê„, which is scheduled for release on March 8, 2024: Isenordal – Epiphanies of Abhorrence and Futility [Official Teaser] – YouTube

ISENORDAL comment: „Our first single ‚Epiphanies of Abhorrence and Futility‘ is centered on the moment of recognition of one’s own failure and loss“, guitarist Gordon Greenwood explains on behalf of the band. „The teaser video is a brief excerpt of the full piece, and marks the initial burst of vigor that comes with fresh awareness. Even the most painful realisation can inspire new life.“