James LaBrie – making of documentary Beautiful Shade of Grey

James LaBrie, known internationally as the vocalist for progressive metal icons & Grammy-winners Dream Theater, embarks on uncharted waters with his fourth solo album, titled ‘Beautiful Shade of Grey’, out now! To celebrate the release, they have launched a special 30min look at the making of the album, and you can watch that now here: James LaBrie – The Making of ‚Beautiful Shade of Grey‘ – YouTube

James comments of the album release: “Paul, Chance, Marco and Christian. Can you feel the magic!!! Man, I can’t believe it’s been two years since Paul and I hooked up on this thrilling journey. Paul’s musicality and his innate understanding of what I wanted to create in making these songs what they are, is simply a whole new experience for me. Being on the same page from the moment we put this into motion and concluding with such results, I’m speechless. Seamless and enlightening, undoubtedly one of kind this beautiful human being. Chance, working with you has been immeasurable beyond words and in no conceivable way would they do justice in conveying all I feel. I’m soaring with pride Son. You rose to the occasion and some. Marco what a treasure you are. I am constantly reminded and humbled by your command on your respective instrument. So immense my appreciation for you. Can’t imagine anyone else being in your integral role. You are gem. Thank you Christian. Wow!! Knowing your style as a keyboardist, and having worked with Paul for many years, you brought exactly that. The depth, feel and soundscape surrounding these songs was so damn beautiful and on the mark, thank you!!! Lastly, you the fans are the reason any of this exists or is a subject of conversation. I am forever indebted to your support, dedication and love. Enjoy!!”

Paul Logue adds: “Two years in the making and the day is finally here! James, Chance, Marco, Chris and I put our hearts and souls into this record, leaving no stone unturned. It shows a new side to James‘ solo work with a collection of some of the most personal lyrics and songs he has written. His sense of melody and collaborative nature made writing with him an absolute joy … beautiful in fact! I have never been prouder in my musical career. Crank it and enjoy!”