JUST FRIENDS reveal pop-infused funk rocker JUMP

California’s eclectic funk-rockers JUST FRIENDS has revealed their final single „JUMP“ from the band’s highly anticipated fourth full-length album „Gusher“, ahead of its September 1st release with Pure Noise Records.

Following the singles „Life I’m Living In“ and „Better 2 Be Around“, „JUMP“ is the latest summer banger from a band on the cusp of a major breakthrough this year. Melding elements of power-pop, punk, funk and hip-hop, JUST FRIENDS‚ forthcoming „Gusher“ is a laid back, confectious party record bursting memorable anthems.

Just Friends „Jump“ (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Commenting on „JUMP“, JUST FRIENDS say: „‚JUMP‘ is the sound of your core memory from that crazy, chaotic night you’ll look back on for the rest of your life. The kind of infectious allure that gets the wall flowers diving head first into the pit“.

„The opening lyrics are a spell intended to bring people out of their buzzing minds. I want them to get into their bodies, to FEEL the moment on their skin, and allow themselves to dance and live and love. I want to create an awareness that being alive means far more than the labels on our bios, our credit scores, and our problems. You always hear people say that being out in nature makes them feel real, I also feel that when I let myself go in dance. My intention for this song is to share that feeling with everyone“Sammy (vocals/guitar)