KINIT HER unveil new video single On the Bridge of Dreams

KINIT HER release an image-rich nocturnal flight of fancy that becomes manifest in their second video clip On the Bridge of Dreams‚ taken from the American symbolist post-folk collective’s forthcoming new album The Nature Out There„, which is slated for release on December 15, 2023: Kinit Her – On The Bridge of Dreams [Official Music Video] – YouTube

KINIT HER comment: „The words at the end of ‚On the Bridge of Dreams‘ are a sampled quote from the Perennialist philosopher Frithjof Schuon“, vocalist and electronic sound-designer Nathaniel Ritter explains. „He states: ‚It’s not enough to think about metaphysics, one wants to also to see and to hear metaphysics in visible forms… and this is symbolism, and symbolism coincides with beauty. Symbolism, yes?‘. ‚On the Bridge of Dreams‘ is a heartfelt affirmative response to this question. Call forth your mirror, draw the spark, and begin again.“