KONTACT stream debut at Decibel magazine’s website

Sci-fi sleaze/tech-thrashers Kontact stream the entirety of their highly anticipated debut album, Full Contact, at Decibel magazine’s website: Full Album Stream: Kontact – ‚Full Contact‘ – Decibel Magazine

Borne out of metal and bred for the purpose of learning, The Alien (ex-Blackrat) conceived of Kontact with then-bandmate Sven Nilson (Antichrist [Sweden], ex-Mystik). A surrogate cult of memberz was necessitated by the great dying of 2020AD, during which The Alien was imprisoned in its home continent of “Canada,” where the group yet persistz. Joined by Matt B1257+12Z (Traveler) and Morh Morf Xela (Hrom) on guitarz, as well as a yet-unidentified force “Unknown” (Chieftain) on drumz, Kontact began broadcasting obscure and ancient signalz throughout the underground, influenced by the mythic teachingz of Manilla Road, Accept, Master’s Hammer, and otherz.

Now finally ready for transmission, Full Contact is Kontact’s primum opus, a compendium of stellar hymnz meant to hasten the arrival of the world beyond. Bent backwardz yet strangely (or eerily) approachable, Full Contact inhabits a neon-hazed utopia/dystopia where sleaze metal fuses DNA with tech-thrash – where busyness and commerce collide in resplendent sci-fi dayglo. “Weird” and “wild” are merely human wordz to describe Kontact’s highly idiosyncratic approach, but to them, such loaded terms exist in star-planes far, far from their orbit. Rather, the eight clusters of crushing & collapsing tonez and robot/reptilian vocalz – in other words, eight “songs” – flow with a finesse that seems second nature; hookz are thus immediate, but not always easy. Kontact make this metal for themselvez, and you listen. You might then take on a transformation: an astral vampire, an emperor of dreams, a bloodchild, a watcher at the edge of time, or simply one into heavy leather. All is possible here, as infinite as the stained-glass synthz percolating across the album. Either way, you WILL feel the force of Full Contact head on…or head off!