KRYPTICY set release date for new album

In their endless quest to push and support current underground acts that perpetuate the odor of vintage death metal, on July 22nd internationally, Memento Mori is proud to present Krypticy’s highly anticipated second album, The Non-Return, on CD format.

KRYPTICY – Hypatia’s Heresy (

Krypticy was founded by main composer Alex Guerrero (vocals/guitar) in Málaga, back in 2013. The band’s debut EP, Necronomicon, captured their fondness for old-school death metal, most specially of the Floridian kind (Morbid Angel, Obituary, Death, Cancer). By the time they released their debut full-length, Hideous Being, a few years later, the band was already exhibiting a larger range of influences (Suffocation, Malevolent Creation, Deicide, Decapitated) and had begun to play live, sharing the stage with bands such as Lapidated, Avulsed, Wormed, Aposento, and Necrophiliac, among others.

With the band solidifying their lineup by the end of 2022 – Guerrero alongside Pancho Vázquez (drums), Thomas Schenk (bass/backing vocals), and Sergio Álvarez (guitar) – Krypticy signed with Memento Mori for their sophomore full-length. And now it arrives, bearing the ominous title The Non-Return. As forecasted by its stark cover artwork (courtesy of Cardaver Art) and cryptic nomenclature, The Non-Return sees Krypticy aiming to push the limits their already consolidated sound. Undoubtedly still tried & true DEATH METAL, there’s nevertheless a strive for something more spiritual here, as the quartet seek an evolution towards a more unique personality whilst retaining the classic edge that always defined Krypticy’s approach to the genre. Mind you, this isn’t doublespeak for going all-out „prog“ or leaving behind death metal altogether (and still calling it such); rather, the band have begun to more fluently speak different dialects within the same language, producing a multilingual approach that can only but strengthen the sum effect. So, while the traditional tropes of late ’80s thrashing and early ’90s grinding are well and accounted for, there’s a markedly angular aspect to Krypticy’s songwriting on The Non-Return, which works up a fever & fury when riffs and riffs and RIFFS attack, one mercilessly after the other, the rhythm section surging and staying linear and ultimately producing a memorability that easily evades verse/chorus structures.

So, for those who willingly have their minds warped by such unfussy sleepers as Suffocation’s Pierced From Within, Malevolent Creation’s Stillborn, Decapitated’s The Negation, and Diabolic’s Infinity Through Purification, prepare to arrive at your destination with Krypticy’s The Non-Return!