LASTER announce new album and release video single

LASTER reveal the first video single ‚Kunstlicht‚ taken from the Dutch avant-garde metal trio’s forthcoming new album „Andermans Mijne„, which is scheduled for release on October 13, 2023.

The titles, both of the album and the single, are ambiguous in the Dutch language: ‚Kunstlicht‘ can either mean ‚artificial light‘ or ‚artistic light‘ and in the translation of „Andermans Mijne“ the emphasis can either be on ’someone else’s mine‘ or ’someone else’s mine‚.

Laster – Kunstlicht [Official Music Video] – YouTube

LASTER comment: „Our first new single dashes into the earshot of accelerating landscapes“, bassist and lyricist Sylwin writes on behalf of the trio. „Upheld by a straightforward songwriting clocking nearly three minutes, ‚Kunstlicht‘ seeks to confront the senses with a lust for constant animation. The more we mature, however, the more we crave for composure. Indeed, our voice bears witness to naked form, yet has more to express than ever. And what about the strings‘ dissonance, and that short walk on low notes opting for higher, faster, more? So much steady pummelling of the mind. Sticks that get lost even before the inevitable dim glimmer arrives – and where the hell are our masks?!“