LASTER release title track of new album as second single

LASTER reveal the title track of their forthcoming album „Andermans Mijne“ as the second single. The stunning new full-length from the Dutch avant-garde metal trio is slated for release on October 13, 2023: Laster – Andermans mijne – YouTube

LASTER comment: „With our new single ‚Andermans Mijne‘ we seek to reaffirm our love for twists and turns“, drummer Wessel explains on behalf of the trio. „The title track sets a densely layered, hypnotic tone for what is to come. Both halves of the song teasingly object against the listener’s expectation. Expressions of cross-cultural lifestyles in late modernity, adultery, playful innuendos, and the self-other relation per se are deemed as central themes of the music’s dissonance, which become laid bare on this track.“