Legendary psych-rock band Gong release new album and video

Gong celebrate the release of their long awaited new album Unending Ascending with ‘My Guitar Is A Spaceship’ and what can only be described as the essence of Gong in visual form: Gong – My Guitar is a Spaceship – official video – YouTube

‘My Guitar Is A Spaceship’ was the first to be written for the new album as Kavus Torabi explains “The song came into being in the spring of 2022 and we actually debuted it on the Glade Stage at Glastonbury Festival that summer. It was the first song we wrote for the new album. More than anything we’ve done together, it seemed to pop out fully formed. That morning none of it existed and then an hour later all of it did.” He continues: “I don’t think we were even trying to write a tune at that point! What a feeling, we sort of couldn’t believe we came up with it. I said “Man, can you imagine debuting this song at Glastonbury festival?”. Sure enough, two days later we received a message asking us if we’d like to headline the Glade Stage that year. At this point the existence of magic is not even up for debate. The tune is just one propulsive, cycling riff that seems to blast us and the audience upward, hence the lyrics, from which we took the title of the album. Once we’d written this, we knew the rest of the album would be great, it kind of defined the direction we would take as we wrote the remaining seven songs. I honestly can’t conceive of a Gong gig, moving forward, where we don’t play it.