LIFVSLEDA to release new album

On April 30th internationally – Walpurgisnacht – NoEvDia proudly presents Evangelii härold, the third studio album from Swedish black metal band Lifvsleda: Evangelii Härold | Lifvsleda (

Like its predecessors, Evangelii härold seamlessly blends razor-sharp riffing with a keen sense of melody and memorable structures. What sets the album apart is its distinct percussion style – a sophisticated mix of traditional black metal and a commanding, martial approach, strengthening the immersive buildups. The adept use of reverb amplifies this effect, creating a dense, atmospheric soundscape. Lifvsleda’s vocal delivery remains unparalleled: inhuman in its timbre and uniquely expressive, further enhancing the music’s distinctive aura.

Evangelii härold marks a natural evolution from 2022’s Sepulkral dedikation, adhering to the deep-seated traditions of black metal both in form and spirit. By delving deeper into the genre’s core and origins, the album refines Lifvsleda’s musical structures and overall compositions. It’s a journey inward and backward through bleak atmospheres, strongly connected to ancient visions of the Devil and death in all forms – bringing the undead underworld of the past back to life.