MARATON releases new song Contranym

Contranym is Maraton`s third single from their upcoming album Unseen Color that will drop this fall. With drums and bass leading on, and layered guitars and synths building up to an immensely catchy chorus in which singer Fredrik Bergersen Klemp is in total control.

Maraton – Contranym (

Maraton states: „Contranym marks the first time we’ve ever done something that’s a direct reaction to current events, specifically the infamous “comments section” and the state of online discourse in general. We’re seeing more and more of a certain dangerous rhetoric that’s more about changing the goal post than it is about reason and common sense. I don’t know if we have anything to add to this conversation, but it felt good just venting our frustrations with this track.“

By combining and experimenting with different genres Maraton creates a distinct and iconic sound, including elements from electronica, indie rock, pop and progressive rock. The result is a truly unique take on alternative rock.

Maraton released their debut album „Meta“ in 2019, with great success. The band’s fan base is constantly growing and Maraton have almost 3 million plays on Spotify alone.