MAVIS announce debut album

German heavy music ensemble MAVIS, featuring vocalist Phil Donay, guitarist Manu Weller, bass player Mo Amrein, and drummer Jakob Schulz-Klein, have announced their debut full-length record, Grief is no Ally, to be released 15th December via Arising Empire. To celebrate the news, the band have released their new single ‚Calypso‘, a track that showcases their exceptional talent in composing and narrative lyricism: MAVIS – Calypso (OFFICIAL VIDEO) – YouTube

‚Calypso‘ marks the band’s first creative endeavour since the exit of founding member and chief songwriter Robin Dachtler, offering a surreal odyssey that navigates the often essential transformations life imposes.

As the piece evolved, it increasingly symbolised the band’s own brush with disbandment.

It felt as though MAVIS was doomed just as it began to flourish. Yet, we endured those challenging times, and akin to the song, we were drawn to a faint yet alluring glimmer of hope that pierced through the gloom. Clinging to that light, we now find ourselves more united and resilient than before,“ reflects vocalist Phil. With its compelling narrative and emotive depth, ‚Calypso‘ emerges as a powerful anthem sure to make an enduring impact.

The title of the record stands for 11 stories of different forms of grieving, ranging from the dark and negative sides to the positive and healthy aspects of embracing grief, letting go.

MAVIS planned the release of a full length in 2020 but were immediately struck with multiple setbacks in their young history. Not only did the beginning of the pandemic hit them right at the outset of their journey but so too did line-up changes due to illness, mental issues or members giving up on making music entirely. Just as they started playing again roughly eighteen months ago, their bad luck peaked with a studio fire in which they lost instruments, equipment and all merchandise. Right around that time, the two remaining members of MAVIS found a new drive, looking to complete their line-up once again. Since then the quartet have worked tirelessly on putting all their experiences into the songs that now make this jewel of a debut record. Going into the studio with a “nothing is holy”-attitude to produce the best music they can, their efforts paid off, finally, for everyone to hear.