MEISTER LEONHARDT set release date for debut album

Purity Through Fire announces March 21st as the international release date for Meister Leonhardt’s highly anticipated debut album, Thanatopoeia, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

??? – Defossion Transcendance (Trackpremiere 2023) – YouTube

Emerging in 2021 with their self-titled debut mini-album for Purity Through Fire, Meister Leonhardt were a new entity thriving on the old bones, dust, and hoarfrost. Still mysterious, we know that they hailed from Moscow, Russia, and consisted of members of such well-established underground outfits as Thy Grave, Goatpsalm, and Frozen Ocean among others. Named after one of Gustav Meyrink’s most inspiring short novels, Meister Leonhardt presented its opinion of what nowadays black metal should sound like in a throttling ’n‘ thrilling 27 minutes.

With deep respect to black metal traditions, from deepest desolation to barely restrained violence, Meister Leonhardt  return again to skillfully span true black metal’s extremes with the full-length Thanatopoeia. As a debut album, it establishes itself in both presenting where the band is coming from and more so where they are going. Meister Leonhardt’s sound is still raw – unadorned, confrontational, and undeniably physical – but there’s a skillful execution at play that sharpens their already-adept songwriting to a superlative degree. That songwriting swarms the listener with a shapeshifting number of shapes, whipping forth a fury when needed but surprising the listener with utterly incensed mid-tempo thrust. Thankfully, the quintet expound upon that anthemic element, twisting forth melancholic-yet-malevolent melodies that make their ever-escalating nastiness slice through to the bone. Fans of classic Craft and Carpathian Forest will surely have their fires stoked by Thanatopoeia.

Three years in the grave, Meister Leonhardt return more morbid than before with eight tracks of cold-as-that-grave black metal representing eight thoughts and musings about such an eternal thing as Death itself: Thanatopoeia!