Melodic metal force THE UNGUIDED surprise with digital EP 616

Swedish melodic death metal formation THE UNGUIDED startle with an out of the blue release – their new digital EP, 616. Retracing their own history, the salient Swedes offer this collection of re-imagined and re-recorded versions of their most beloved songs from their incredible musical catalogue. Bringing back their notorious, quick tempered, and high-energy sound, 616 promises a new beginning without neglecting their heavy roots. Their legacy stands for itself, placing their unique fusion of melodic death metal, metalcore, and electronic sounds at the top of the genre.

In their newest video, THE UNGUIDED invites fans into an enticing behind the scenes look that not only includes the new videos for “Iceheart Fragment” & “Unguided Entity”, but also gives deeper insight into its members and production. Unapologetic and rebellious as usual, they unleash the re-imagined version of their most beloved works, strutting with haunting screams and epic riffs to create explosive soundscapes. Always caught in the heat of the moment, this documentary starts a fire igniting like no other.

THE UNGUIDED – Iceheart Fragment & Unguided Entity (Re-Imagined) (Official Videos + Documentary) – YouTube

„By far one of my proudest moments of my time in THE UNGUIDED! Everyone’s performance is top tier and the production turned out great. Can’t wait to play these songs live in the future!“ 
(Jonathan Thorpenberg)

“Really excited to finally share these beloved Unguided classics!! We’re super happy with the result and can’t wait to hear your opinion about em. So close down your TikTok, give it a listen, and send us a comment, RIGHT, NOW” (Roger Sjunnesson)

“The original versions were stellar but it’s mind-blowing to finally unlock the true potential of these songs, enjoy them in a modern 2022 production and performed with the decade long experience this band have archived.” (Richard Schill)