MERRIMACK: Obsecrations To The Horned official reissue

MERRIMACK are one of the leading French Black Metal acts! The band has released 5 full-length albums on Moribund Records and Season of Mist, and have toured the world extensively opening for top acts such as Marduk, God Dethroned and Mayhem! Moribund records are proud to reissue their cult and rare Demo Compilation album “Obsecrations To The Horned”, originally released by the label in 2004, and out of print since 2012, upon selling out its original 3,000 pressing! This classic is now reissued in a special limited edition of 500 copies world-wide. Unconquerable by either time or trends MERRIMACK are a testament to the French Black-Legion Metal scene spanning 30 infamous years! Bow and Pay Tribute!!!

MERRIMACK „Live the Lie“ teaser video from the album „Obsecrations To The Horned“ out January 26, 2024 on Moribund Records: MERRIMACK „Live the Lie“ Teaser Video – YouTube