MESSIAH – Christus Hypercubus via High Roller Records

Switzerland’s legendary Death/Thrashers MESSIAH are back with a new studio album! „Christus Hypercubus“ will be released on March 1st, 2024 via High Roller Records on all formats.

The follow-up to 2020’s highly acclaimed comeback album „Fracmont“ promises harder and faster material with striking guitar parts and great arrangements, and also features the band’s new members Marcus Seebach (vocals) and V.O. Pulver (guitar), who are adding their own touches. There’s definitely a new wind blowing, but MESSIAH have not lost any of their established trademarks of old.

A video clip for the title track has been premiered at this location: MESSIAH – Christus Hypercubus (OFFICIAL VIDEO) – YouTube

MESSIAH’s founder and guitarist R.B. Brögi comments: „The combination of faith (CHRISTUS as a pseudonym) and Tesseract (HYPERCUBUS) is a theoretical idea-thought construct that may possibly lead to an analogy, both musically, literarily and visually, to how the world is continually becoming more and more condensed. Invisible (multidimensional tesseract), in which only man lives, due to his actions and a possible matrix error in the human evolutionary sequence. In the end, there is no space left, only emptiness, infinitely condensed mass and time is displaced. This makes the question of ‚where from‘, ‚why‘ and ‚wherefore‘ superfluous.“