Mister Misery release Orchestral Version of In Forever

Modern horror metal band Mister Misery unveil their new single ‚In Forever (Orchestral Version)‘, delivering a haunting yet empowering musical experience. Immerse yourself in a world where darkness and resilience collide, echoing the tumultuous yet triumphant human spirit.

MISTER MISERY – In Forever (Orchestral Version) (OFFICIAL VISUALIZER) – YouTube

Mister Misery, is an innovative, modern & ground-breaking metal band from Sweden. Blending clean & gritty vocals along with high energy riffs and anthemic choruses, they developed a unique sound and style that captures the essence of all the sub-genres in modern heavy music. Paired with an obscene and theatrical appearance, they create an experience that speaks to all senses.

After the pace-setting release of their praised debut album Unalive in 2019, the band has expanded to new heights. With breathtaking releases, such as ‚Ballad of the Headless Horseman‘ & ‚Devil In Me‘, Mister Misery took their listeners on a journey that led up to their highly anticipated second album: A Brighter Side Of Death

Leaving a trail of success with constantly being added to the top metal playlists, songs being streamed in the millions & fans left in awe all over the world, Mister Misery has become a force that crushes stages on the biggest festival the scene has to offer, such as W:O:A, Master of Rock, Full Metal Cruise, Hills Of Rock and many many more. Supporting some of the most prestigious bands in metal, such as Nightwish and Dream Theater in front of over 15.000 people, one thing is for certain: they will leave NO survivors!