NECROMUTILATOR stream new Osmose album at No Gleaming Light

Italian barbarians Necromutilator stream the entirety of their highly anticipated third album, Oath of Abhorrence, at Necromutilator (Italy) – Oath of Abhorrence (Full Length) 2022 – YouTube. Set for international release on October 28th via Osmose Productions on CD format – the vinyl LP version will follow later this year – hear Necromutilator’s Oath of Abhorrence in its entirety.

Necromutilator exhume their axes and hammers, striking the third full-length album, this time by the claws of the mighty Osmose Productions. Ripping riffs, bursting artillery, blood-spilling bass pulsation, and vomit from the infernal pit for eight hymns of black death and damnation, all forged in Satanic power and hammering darkness throughout endless morbidity.