NECROPHOBIC announce re-release of Spawned By Evil

Swedish Black & Death metal force NECROPHOBIC announce the re-release of “Spawned By Evil”, which originally came out in 1996 as four track EP. To perfectly extend the re-issue series that started earlier this year with „Hrimthursum“ and „Death To All“, followed by „Satanic Blasphemies“ and the recently launched „The Nocturnal Silence“, this time the band decided to release a strikingly longer version of “Spawned By Evil”.

In addition to the 1996 released title track “Spawned By Evil” and the three cover tracks – „Die By The Sword“ by Slayer, „Nightmare“ by Venom and „Enter The Eternal Fire“ by Bathory – this re-issue features two previously unreleased tracks from 1994 and additional cover versions such as Autopsy’s “Ridden With Disease”, Iron Maiden’s “Moonchild” and Celtic Frost’s “Into The Crypts Of Rays”.

Band founder and drummer Joakim Sterner about this special version of “Spawned By Evil”,
“The reason why we did this release in the first place, back in 1996, was that it had taken a bit longer time to come up with a follow up album to ‘The Nocturnal Silence’. We were pretty much ready, but needed to write maybe 3 more songs to have a full album, so we thought it was good to record one new song (‘Spawned by Evil’) to have it like a teaser and to show our fans what to expect on ‘Darkside’.

Around this period, it was popular to record cover versions for different tribute albums and we were asked to be represented for a Bathory tribute and a Slayer tribute, so we included those songs as well. We also chose to record a cover of Venom, as they are old heroes to us and also to have 4 songs in total and have it released as a mini album or a maxi single, whatever you call it.

Later, we were asked to be represented on 2 other tribute albums and we recorded cover versions of Autopsy and Iron Maiden.

They were never intended to be released elsewhere, but a former label released ‘Spawned by Evil’ again and included those covers as well. They also got their hand on a never before released demo recording we did in 1994, with the songs ‘Black Moon Rising’ and ‘The Call’. So, all of a sudden, this original 4-song release was now an album, with 3 Necrophobic songs and 5 cover songs. 

Last autumn (2021), I was searching for old tapes, as we started work on all the re-issues that is being released this year, and one day I found an old tape from 1994. A demo recording of ‘Darkside’ and a Celtic Frost cover of ‘Into the Crypts of Rays’ that was never heard of or spread before to the public, so these 2 songs are really exclusive and unreleased before for this re-issue of ‘Spawned by Evil’.

I hope you will enjoy this re-issue of ‘Spawned by Evil’!”