new PRAISE THE PLAGUE single Devourer

Picture Maren Michaelis

New PRAISE THE PLAGUE single ‚Devourer‘ from the forthcoming album „Suffocating In The Current Of Time“ out now: PRAISE THE PLAGUE – Devourer (official lyric video) – YouTube

According to the band, “Devourer” is “one of the darker and relentless songs” on the album, focused on “the atrocities of human kind and its reckoning.” And this fits into the broader dark and grim themes of the album, which the band describes in the following way: “The gate is passed, upon us is a bleak, raging sea. Tidal waves crushing ashore, out of desperation evolves anger and frustration. Time, as a construct, imprisons its architects. Suffocating In The Current Of Time takes us from a dark and devouring realm, to staring the devourer into its cold, dead eyes. Lead by fierce and unforgiving melodies, we are marching into our own decay. Lead by the pounding of drums we indulge ourselves in the cloak of false promises.”