Norway’s UNHOLY CRAFT set release date for new album

Purity Through Fire announces June 21st as the international release date for the highly anticipated third album of Norway’s Unholy CraftSaa Mørkt, Saa Mektig, on CD and vinyl LP formats: Unholy Craft (NOR) – Into Cold Winternight Trackpremiere 2024 (

Despite only forming in 2023, Norway’s Unholy Craft have already released two full-lengths as well as a split with Vorgfang – all in their first year. Such feverish activity, however, is not all that surprising when it comes to Peregrinus, who also numbers such concurrent cults (and labelmates) Solus Grief, Kvad, Hjemsøkt, and most recently Heraldic Blaze among his many endeavors. As always with Unholy Craft, the intention is to play super-traditional Scandinavian black metal as it was performed („exclusively“) during the glorious 1990s.

And so, unsurprisingly (thankfully!), that is what one gets with Unholy Craft’s third full-length, Saa Mørkt, Saa Mektig…or is it? A relatively unique entry in Unholy Craft’s canon, Saa Mørkt, Saa Mektig features more fleshed-out songwriting transposed onto the band’s rawest soundfield to date. Indeed, where their previous records featured that cold & clipped style of production endemic to Norway in the mid ’90s, Saa Mørkt, Saa Mektig maintains a muffled, daresay warmer style of recording which helps elevate these more anguished & yearning compositions far beyond those treading the „raw black metal“ Bandcamp boards. Deft shifts in tempo further help these eight new tracks hit harder, and when a simultaneously ascending / descending riff yawns forth from that void, the sum effect is stultifying. Thus, all told, while Unholy Craft continue to add to the hallowed tradition of Darkthrone’s Peaceville trilogy, Hat-fronted Gorgoroth, and the first Ancient album – or, going deeper, the very cult likes of Kvist, Sorhin, and Fimbulwinter – Peregrinus and company are taking subtly bolder strides into their own mythical snow with Saa Mørkt, Saa Mektig.

„So cold and full of splendor retracing steps to that which once was. Across frozen ground. Towards That which beckons and pulses in darkness. Swayed by that which befell all. Those that dwell beyond the reach of light. Night skies conquering, looming, over bleeding daylight.“