NOX premiere new track

Neuropa Records announces June 7th as the international release date for the striking debut album of pan-international duo Nox, Entity, on CD and vinyl LP formats. In lieu of this announcement, heavily trafficked web-portal premieres the new track „Black Nebula.“ [Video Premiere] Nox (

Nox is a brand-new project between Inmesher (Rope Sect) and Lykaios (Hemelbestormer, Lhaäd, Rituals of the Dead Hand). While both men are known for post-punk and metal, respectively, Nox sees them taking their first steps into the wider electro scene, wielding a similar-yet-different darkness to their more-renown bands. Elements of synthwave, industrial, and dubstep are chopped & screwed to their (DARK) design.

Entity is the duo’s debut album, comprising eight songs across 43 minutes of shimmering, mysterious energy. With pulsing but never-overpowering beats, in service of atmosphere as much as songwriting, Nox dive headlong into a mirror world of subtly torched tones – some scavenging among the gravel, even despite being electronic, while others ascend into the ether on wings of mesmerizing melody – where the listener is guided through moonlit back streets, crumbling edifices of modernity, and a strange sense of futurism that feels apocalyptic and enticing in equal measure. Atop it all are the hauntingly soothing vocals of Inmesher, narrating that listener’s journey (or perhaps narrating the hitherto-unexplored regions of his soul) and creating a unique disconnect that separates Nox from so many treading the hard-electro boards; Entity definitely isn’t the usual retrowave / outrun worship. Underlining this crucial link to humanity is the duo’s cover of Placebo’s “The Bitter End,” which is dubstep in form but something sublime in content.

Trainspotters will already know of Neuropa’s work with the scene stalwarts Carpenter Brut, which serves as a handy reference here, but Nox is equally recommended to fans of Crystal Castles, ADULT., Kavinsky, Sixth June, Kontravoid, or even Nine Inch Nails. Entity is but their first steps on this path…where will it end?