NYHC band Incendiary Device announce debut album

Picture Steven J. Messina

Bridge Nine Records announces the release of New York band INCENDIARY DEVICE debut album, Incendiary Device, due out November 10th. Founded by NYHC journeyman, documentarian, and filmmaker Drew Stone (vocals), and Tristan D’Graves (bass), and rounded out by Shaun Brennan (guitar) and Mike Flaherty (drums), Incendiary Device’s music is steeped in early hardcore and classic punk while inescapably maintaining the edge and grit of their New York roots. Heavily influenced by Minor Threat, Negative Approach, SSD and early Black Flag, Stone and D’Graves share a rich musical history having played and toured together for over a decade in several New York-based bands (Antidote, The High & The Mighty, Drew Stone Hit Squad). Started in 2022, the band share their first recorded music with the punchy title track “Incendiary Device.” The song packs that old-school character with electrifying guitars and comes alongside a fiery performance video: Incendiary Device „Incendiary Device“ – YouTube

On the lyrics, D’Graves states: “Incendiary Device is about the toxic nature of social media. Lyrically it uses the analogy between a weapon of war and social media as a social weapon. An incendiary device on the battlefield is not a precision weapon, innocent bystanders in the blast range become victims. Social media has the same effect. People spew hateful rhetoric from their phones and computers and sometimes extremely kind and genuine individuals get caught in the blast range. This song was inspired by a specific incident where an innocuous friend of ours became one of those targets.”

Incendiary Device’s self-titled release features 12 tracks that capture the energy and rage of NYHC with hook-laden songwriting sensibility, separating them from their peers. Thematically it focuses largely on the dichotomy between maintaining a youthful spirit at heart with the realities of being middle-aged in a technology-focused world. The album is self-produced, primarily by D’Graves and Stone with engineering by Brian DiMeglio at Found Soundation Studios in Brooklyn, NY, and mixing by Dan Korneff and Neal “Zum” Osteberg.