OTHER WORLD unveil album details and first track

OTHER WORLD is a crushing and contemporary Black Metal band based in California, where ex-members of BLACK SALVATION, PILLORIAN and BOREWORM explore the beauty in chaos and darkness.

After arriving on DMP in authoritative style with epic 2023 single „Of Death and Alteration„, the band expand and consolidate their vision via new album „Tenebrous„: an intensely emotive and hard-hitting representation of being locked away from the light with only anxiety, loss and grief for company.

01. From Innocence
02. Arid Dawn
03. Agony Exhaled By Mist
04. Ash, Teeth & Bone
05. To Decay

The album was mixed and mastered by Paul Francis at Get Right Recording in Johsua Tree, California. The cover artwork was designed by Kiefer Moore, with the album’s layout handled by S.P.

Both the title and the cover art aim to capture the album’s atmosphere, as composer Christopher explains: „The term „Tenebrous“ represents the album’s lyrical theme and concept. Stephen (vocals) and I both found the title to be perfectly fitting. The concept of this album is about experiencing a situation devoid of light and being in a place of hopelessness while enduring nature’s cruel embrace. Kiefer Moore who crafted the artwork had a lot of freedom for this artwork, but as he is a really talented guy and understands my vision, it was easy to work with him.

Listen to ‚From Innocence‚, the album’s opening track, via DMP’s YouTube channel: Other World – From Innocence (youtube.com)

From Innocence‚ delivers raw and unrelenting Black Metal aggression via sharp riffs, pounding drums and intense vocals. Subtle melodies and moments of tranquillity are seamlessly woven into the relentless sound, creating a truly hypnotic and immersive aura.

Composer Christopher shares insights into the creation of ‚From Innocence‚: „‚>From Innocence‚ was the first song written for the album, and during that time I was very inspired by the Art of Yann Tiersen, movie scores, and a bit of DEFTONES concerning the riffs as well. To me the song stands on its own and is actually different from the rest of the album in such a way that it’s pretty melodic, but very aggressive. The fist riff I wrote for the song is actually the riff at about 2:25. The chords were so emotional and fun to play, the rest of the song just came together by itself.