PESTILENGTH unveil album stream

One and a half weeks before the official release of PESTILENGTH’s third album, „Solar Clorex„, the Basque Country corrosive Death Metal duo presents the full album stream.

Delve into an impeccable sequence of tense, cryptic songs-of-decay where grotesque vocals combust, choke and reignite; barbed riffs – each with a sting in the tail – creep, crawl and shapeshift into electrifying violence; merciless rhythms transition from cavern-dwelling churn to jolting frenzy, skewed grooves to pure brutality: Pestilength – Solar Clorex (Full album) – YouTube

Composer M. shares insights on „Solar Clorex„: „It could be considered as the third of a trinity: „Eilatik“ was the furthest picture of befouled empires, anomalous creatures, oozing sulfurous fumes, not a welcoming landscape, whereas „Basom Gryphos“ introduced one to the biggest entities dwelling in the nether, powerful, from the depths and mixing chemical substances around natural ones, wood, chrome, steel, molten tephra; a dangerous mixture of horrors. The eyes make the mistake of looking at it, and then it’s too late. Finally, the ‚Suhbem Legm‘ single introduced another hidden monster that seems silent, but its frequencies resonate even motionless, chaos is its preceding cataclysm: „Solar Clorex„, thus, is the inevitable destruction of everything, just dormant enough to awake at the right time to reset any minuscule particle of life. Sound-wise we worked hard to improve certain thorns in our veins. We worked at El Submarino Records studios and then The Empty Hall Studios mastered it. It was a pretty intense and nonstop week of recording, but thanks to that, the organic and natural sound is top notch!